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‘Are they really as stupid as they seem?’

November 30, 2010


There are a surprising lack of convincing explanations as to why the capitalist class is pushing through the present unprecedented austerity drive – even at the risk of provoking both mass opposition and a double-dip recession. The following excerpts, from Hillel Ticktin’s recent articles in Critique, do offer an interesting partial explanation: Read more at: […]

University Struggles

November 30, 2010


University Struggles at the End of the Edu-Deal By George Caffentzis As students around the world start to take action against national governments’ university spending cuts, George Caffentzis sees a plane of struggle developing; one which acts against the crooked deal of high cost education exchanged for life-long precarity. We should not ask for the […]

‘He’s a liar liar’: a new song about the cuts

October 28, 2010


Found on Liberal Conspiracy: ‘He’s a liar liar’: a new song about the cuts  

Nueva batalla por la cultura de masas

August 30, 2010


Las potencias emergentes cambian las reglas del juego de la industria del entretenimiento – EE UU y Europa buscan la forma de ganar la partida FRANCESCO MANETTO El País 19/08/2010

The vampire movie we really need

August 26, 2010


Louis Proyect at The Unrepetant Marxist comments in a post called Monster Movie Bash: Someday Hollywood might make the vampire movie we really need, one in which the Dracula figure is a hedge fund manager or an oil company executive. This will be the fitting epigraph rolling across the screen in the opening credits: Capital is […]


August 25, 2010


DAS KAPITAL – THE MUSICAL! According to Xinhua – When Karl Marx famously said “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce,” he might well have added “…or as a musical.” One can only guess at what the great political and economic philosopher might have thought of his best-known work, Das Kapital, distilled into […]

Cap Bankers Pay – The Movie

August 24, 2010


8 April 2009