June 14, 2011


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Government faces calls to overhaul visa rules for foreign performers

March 21, 2011


Government faces calls to overhaul visa rules for foreign performersDemands of ‘creative and sporting’ category of points-based immigration system leading to cancelled events, say organisers… A survey by the Greater London Assembly showed that a quarter of all artists who were hired in 2010 to open an exhibition, take part in festivals or play a […]

Stirling success for classical music scheme

March 17, 2011


…since 2008 an audacious project to change the future for Raploch’s young people by immersing them in classical music has been working with 80% of children at nursery and primary schools. And now a new report commissioned by the Scottish government has concluded that the project, Sistema Scotland, has the potential “to achieve social transformation”… […]

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Detroit Symphony Orchestra Strike

March 11, 2011


DSO musicians are now starting the sixth month of a strike that began October 4. The walkout was provoked by management’s massive concession demands, including a more than 30 percent pay cut, cuts in health and pension benefits and drastic changes in working conditions. Last month, Detroit Symphony musicians unanimously rejected a “final offer” presented […]

Nailing Tory Lies

January 7, 2011


Ed Miliband has come out fighting in today’s Times arguing that “a great deceit designed to damage Labour has led to profoundly misguided and dangerous economic decisions”. The truth is uncomfortable for the Government. Ed Miliband writes (£): “What is this deceit? It is that the deficit was caused by chronic overspending rather than a […]

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An example to us all

January 7, 2011


Subject: Senior moment – A 98 year old woman in the UK wrote this to her bank. The bank manager thought it amusing enough to have it published in the Times. Dear Sir, I am writing to thank you for bouncing my cheque with which I endeavoured to pay my plumber last month. By my […]

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Politics on the brain

January 5, 2011


Politics on the brain Conservatives are dinosaurs. That, at least, was the implication of a story on Radio 4 the other morning. Guest editor Colin Firth (himself a disenchanted Lib Dem, though Mr Darcy was undoubtedly a Tory) had asked scientists at University College London to discover whether political attitudes are hardwired into people’s brains. […]

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